Roll in stretchers and trolleys

Z 7000/Z 7200 Self

Auto-loading stretcher for corpse transport

Z 7000/Z 7200 Self
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The Z 7000 Self, sees the birth of a completely new and solid stretcher that will re-write the parameters of excellence in this category. Never before has anyone else paid so much care and attention to technological innovation and use of space. No other stretcher has such harmonious design, and no other auto-loading stretcher has a stainless steel tray tapered at the edges. Your attention will be immediately captured by the strong yet fundamental external lines, and by the details that add to its exclusive capacity, thanks to the Self system, to eliminate any effort during the loading/unloading phases. The Self system completely sustains the loading and unloading of the load (corpse), onto and off the vehicle, without the possible risks encountered by the raising of weights and inclination of the torso. The inferior part of the stretcher has an articulation that, during closure can be activated, not by a lifting movement, but by a simple pushing action. With this, the wheels with which it is equipped are brought easily into contact with the loading level. The advantage of this positioning is that the load can be made to slide without any extra effort. This system therefore on one hand eliminates any risk of strain on the lumbar region for the operators and on the other, in its role as a trolley, presents itself as highly stable and easy to handle, thanks to a well balanced structure, that ensures smoothness of movement. The wheels have a diameter of 200 mm [7.87 in]. All this is achieved maintaining a very low weight and a perfect balance.
  • Z 7000 Self with basin - ZS00805A
  • Z 7200 Self - ZS00806A
  • Z 7700 cover for basin - ZS00808A
Z 7000/Z 7200 Self In the Z 7200 Self a double layer of polyethylene guarantees easy sanitization.
Z 7000/Z 7200 Self The Z 7000 Self includes a watertight stainless steel, single unit basin.
Z 7000/Z 7200 Self The cover, made in shockproof, medium density polyethylene distinguishes itself for being light and easy to sanitize.
Z 7000/Z 7200 Self No matter how the weight of the corpse is distributed on the stretcher itself, an exceptional structure ensures stability during transport.

Z Roller

Automatic loading trolley with adjustable heights

Z Roller
Pre-spaced decals Product 100 x 20 mm [3.93 x 0.78 in] col 01 min 01
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The research and technological developments employed by Spencer have, as a general objective, the aim of reducing the cost of purchase and ownership of the trolleys. Our products have the great advantage of having a day to day reliability and a long durability. Only the Z Roller can boast such an advanced technology in its category. The mechanism which determines the adjustability of height is contained and protected in an extruded alloy profile. It is particularly appreciated during pick-up operations where the trolley can be used for the transport of stretchers, pick-up stretchers or stainless steel basins, which are all sustained by robust lateral brackets. Its strong structure, excellent stability and exceptional manoeuvrability, make this trolley extremely trustworthy and durable.
  • Z Roller 50 loading height 500 mm [19.68 in] - ZS00800A
  • Z Roller 62 loading height 620 mm [24.40 in] - ZS00862A
  • Z Roller 69 loading height 690 mm [27.16 in] - ZS00869A
Z Roller Adjustable heights for improving positioning of devices.

Z Cross

Self loading stretcher

Z Cross / Z Crossover
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Z Cross is a self loading stretcher intended for handling of corpses, particularly suited to reduce users ' efforts when loading on vehicles. The stretcher is equipped with a watertight stainless steel tub with sloping bottom to facilitate the collection of fluids. The large wheels provide maximum smoothness even with heavy loads. The numerous possibilities of adjusting the height of the loading trolley guarantee great versatility. In addition, the system for varying heights allows the transfer of the corpse to other surfaces. Unlock levers of the legs are colour coded for intuitive use. The parking brake is located on the rear wheels. The version Z Crossover offers increased loading capacity of 250 kg and is equipped with Twist system to optimize operating manoeuvres and reduce the load on the rescuer’s lower back areas during changes of direction. The twist system is simple to activate. Just use the lever and the front wheels of the trolley swivel immediately. Release the lever and the wheels will immediately revert to the initial wheel configuration. Z Cross stretchers and Z Crossovers include two black belts ZSX 402 with derlin buckle. On request the following optional accessories are available: FA anterior locking system , FP rear locking system, black PVC tank cover, grey polyethylene cover.
  • Length: 1980 mm
  • Width: 580 mm
  • Average height of tank surface: 880 mm
  • Depth tank: 20 mm
  • Average height of tank surface with trolley in low position: 270 mm
  • Minimum height of loading platform: 52 cm
  • Maximum height of loading platform: 68 cm
  • Diameter wheels: 200 mm
  • Loading capacity: 170 kg
  • Weight: Z Cross 40 kg
  • Z Cross - ZS00801

Z Carrera

Self loading stretcher

Z Carrera
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Z Carrera is a self loading funerary stretcher, designed for the handling of corpses, that minimizes the effort of operators when loading on the vehicle. The stretcher is characterized by a watertight stainless steel tank with draining holes with tap and hose outlet. The bottom of the tub is tilted to facilitate the flow and fluid collection. Larger diameter wheels ensure maximum smoothness even with heavy loads. Z Carrera is equipped with a parking brake on the rear wheels. Unlocking levers of the legs are colour coded and therefore more intuitive. The stretcher is equipped with three black belts model ZSX 402 with derlin buckles. Carrera can be accessorized with the stops, front and rear, and with black PVC tank cover (optional accessory, not included).
  • Length: 1970 mm
  • FMaximum width (loading platform wheel axis): 585 mm
  • Average height of tank platform: 780 mm
  • Depth of tank: 20 mm
  • Height of tank with trolley lowered: 330 mm
  • Height under the wheels of loading trolley: 50 mm
  • Wheel diameter: 200 mm
  • Loading weight: 170 kg
  • Weight: 45 kg
  • Z Carrera Tec low chrome - ZS00819