Portable oleo-dynamic
lifting trolley

New spirit for a new back saver. We are presenting a new Jack with a compact structure, vertical geometry, versatile and easy to use, entirely manufactured in electropolished stainless steel. Maintenance is easy, and the trolley is lightweight, making it easy to transport.


Foldable dressing table
with adjustable heights

This is the first system for dressing that is foldable with variable heights and can be used by a sole operator. The exclusive design, robust and integral structure, all combine to offer a product of high quality. When tested under the extreme of operative situations, it proved to be also extremely reliable.

Z Series

Mortuary trolleys
in aluminium

Spencer Z Series mortuary trolleys consist of a complete and fully developed range. The superior quality of the design, manageability and durability are guaranteed by their aluminium frame. The silence and precision of opening and closing operations is obtained by the placement of lubricated nylon and Teflon ferrules in all moving parts.

Back support

Better comfort and
safety for operators

Often the staff in charge of funeral services perform the transportation and movement of the corpse or coffin, without the necessary equipment. Spencer proposes a range of back-saving products that allow the customers to individuate the most suitable solution for their needs and the best solution for each type of work they need to do.

Company profile

Profilo aziendale

Style, design, and functionality

The Spencer philosophy is expressed in a series of key concepts which constitute the base of every Spencer action. The company continually renews the presentation of its products and project and operates without ever forgetting its roots. Our philosophy, the idea that has always guided us, has given us the opportunity to be on the front line of success in the world of mortuary products.

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Services overview

Panoramica dei servizi

The added value of Spencer.

Spencer’s quality is a characteristic that makes us different not only for the products we make but also for the way we pay attention to those who choose to buy our products. Whoever prefers Spencer can count on a wide range of services even before purchasing them: personalized financial programs, assistance 24 hours a day, easy maintenance facilities. Discover below how much Spencer takes care of its customers; after all, those who choose Spencer are special hence they deserve a special service.


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