Spencer Project Team

In order to be closer to our customers we have created SPT (Spencer Project Team). A team of professional technicians that can verify and plan with you personalised modifications or products never seen before, that meet your requirements and ideas.

At Spencer we know that the equipment that will make history comes from the experience and the passion of the operators in this field. There are probably brilliant projects that exist but are never realized because companies are not willing to bet. Contact us and we will help you realize your ideas. If you do not find your ideal proposal in our catalogue and you wish to have a personalized product, do not hesitate in contacting us to express any comments. Spencer technicians, constantly in contact with you, will evaluate the possibility of making modifications to the product you prefer.

The result will be a unique product, that will not disappoint your expectations. We are waiting for your precious suggestions and we are sure that the occasions to open up a dialogue with you will continue to increase, because your ideas deserve attention and space.