Recovery systems

Z 2000

Foldable stretcher with body bag

Z 2000
Hot printing Product 150 x 150 mm [5.90 x 5.90 in] col 03 min 05
The new Z 2000 is not only the best expression of the concept of recovery stretcher, but also the clearest evidence of how even further evolution in the technological and aesthetic characteristics is possible. This stretcher, from the standard version through to the very top of the range, continues to be the milestone of pick-up work, uniting comfort for the operator with new design for transport up and down stairways. To guarantee resistance and durability, the framework is made with highly resistant aluminium, the joints and the wheel supports in stainless steel.
The Z 2000 has an innovative opening system and the storage space necessary to reduce obstruction is reduced to only 140 mm [5.51 in]. The robust, versatile and easy to clean storage bag is made in SPEN-TEX. It comes complete with three polypropylene belts with quick-release buckles.
  • Z 2000 - ZS00500A
Z 2000 A simple and rapid system that compacts the wheels thus reducing obstruction in storage.

Body bags

It is not only a sense of style, but above all of functionality. If we think of design as a mix of characteristics linked to the functionality of the object, up to extreme concept of ergonomics, we can see the perfect link between design and material, between functionality and engineering become reality. In manufacturing the body bags we used this mix of first class materials and high-level technologies to give life to the most complete range of products and to guaranty excellent functionality.

STX 706/707

Body bag in double-layered nylon

STX 700/702 Double-layered nylon material in HFW knitted vinyl. Built in handles. Full opening, with closing zip, to ease recovery operations.
  • Dimensions: 890 x 1980 mm
  • STX 706 six handles - ST00706A
  • STX 707 ten handles - ST00707A
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STX 709

Body bag in layered TNT

STX 709 Waterproof material. Six strong, soft handles manufactured with passing tapes. Integral opening, with closing zip, to simplify recovering operations.
  • Dimensions: 1040 x 2030 mm [40.94 x 79.92 in]
  • STX 708 - ST00708A


Recovery chest

Pre-spaced decals Product 100 x 50 mm [3.93 x 1.96 in] col 02 min 01
back support
A revolutionary method of production has been employed for the support structure using high density polyethylene, which makes this product shockproof, indestructible, in deformable, immune to chemical and organic agents and 100% recyclable. The base is joined to a stainless steel framework, which sustains the lateral telescopic handles, and two large wheels (diameter 200 mm [7.87 in]) which glide on ball bearings. All of these features together contribute to making the Extratank the most versatile, ergonomic and easy to handle recovery chest on the market. Two robust runners, tapered at the end and placed in the base, increase the support area, give great stability in the horizontal position and rigidity during rotation. A simple system of closure distributed in ten points, contributes with the generous sealing to offer a solid and airtight anchorage of the cover to the base. The choice of the materials, fruit of our research into the balance between the mechanical and functional characteristics, ensure record-breaking lightness and efficient sanitization. The Extratank is made to contain both the scoop stretcher Z 5000/Z 5200 and the irreplaceable recovery board Z 5005.
  • Extratank grey - ZC00201A
  • Extratank white - ZC00204A
Extratank Four telescopic handles with variable length and blocking system.
Extratank The low base guarantees an easy pick-up and eventual rotation of the corpse.
Extratank Lateral handles in stainless steel and Santoprene® grip.
Extratank The wheelbarrow effect reduces the operator's fatigue and optimises the steering.