Research & Development

The average investments of Spencer into research and development, in the past years, have exceeded 12% of the turnover. This choice was made in order to contribute in a concrete way to the technical and aesthetical progress of the mortuary equipment field, to maintain a positive role and to awaken public opinion towards common interest matters such as safety, environment, innovative materials and their recovery.


Together with the scientific competence, necessary to create professional devices, Spencer design is characterized by delicate curves and shapes that match with the high quality finishing, and determine a delightful aesthetic, without compromising the absolute functionality. The choice of the materials as well as the careful study of the lines are coherent with the Spencer philosophy, inspired by the ideal of reaching perfection and they are guaranteed by years of experience in this field; conformity tests follow all the planning and production phases so that no details are missed and any situation can be faced.

Perfection: our reference point

To know does not only mean having a sum of information, it also means developing the ability of comprehending reasons and targets and putting them constantly in relationship with your own way of acting. Spencer knows the target: our unique simplicity enables us to reach the perfection needed to go beyond temporary fashion and styles, hence rewarding our product user over the years.